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Lordt take….me….now

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I stopped going to my barber in Feb-March of this year and I’d be so uncomfortable if I ran into him on the street.

He cut my hair for the last 16 years. I broke off the relationship and disappeared into the night without any warning. No goodbye or nothing.



he got an APB out on you.

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ICONIC #TheAnthem #feelinonyobooty #TheRrrrah #Kellz

ICONIC #TheAnthem #feelinonyobooty #TheRrrrah #Kellz

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#therrrrah  #feelinonyobooty  #kellz  #theanthem 


do you ever say something sarcastic and the person you said it to doesn’t understand that it’s a joke but you can’t be bothered explaining it so you just let them think you’re an asshole

Me….all day.

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